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Mining Rig – Custom Build

Turn-key Mining-focused dedicated Rig with up to 6 RTX 30 series cards & 1 year remote monitoring support.



Mining-focused dedicated rig. Due to various power, cabling, and equipment requirements, select the MAXIMUM capacity you want the rig to support.  After adding this to cart, add the GPUs you want to go with the rig (See GPUs available).

  • Includes Intel or AMD Ryzen based motherboard and processors
  • Includes high quality dual power supplies, high amperage cabling, and custom connectivity.
  • Includes high airflow chassis with fan array to keep rig running cool
  • Includes latest nVidia RTX 3000 series GPUs in up to 6 card configurations
  • Any cards ordered WITH the rig are professionally tuned, tested, and if required, upgraded thermal pads are installed to maximize profitability/speed.
  • Includes procurement, assembly, card tuning & testing, and 1 year remote monitoring,  support, and software updates to ensure your rig is functional without issues, typically with no customer intervention necessary.

Mining profitability may vary, use the calculator below to estimate earnings (enter in the approximate megahash and click calculate).  Also please be aware that Ethereum Mining may go away when Proof of Stake takes over (What is proof of stake and why will it change Mining profitability?)

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Additional information

Maximum GPU Capability (Add GPUs Separately)

Up to 2 RTX 3060ti/3070 (~60MH Speed), Up to 2 RTX 3080 (~96MH Speed), Up to 2 RTX 3090 (~117MH Speed), Up to 4 RTX 3060ti/3070 (~60MH Speed), Up to 4 RTX 3080 (~96MH Speed), Up to 4 RTX 3090 (~117MH Speed), Up to 6 RTX 3060ti/3070 (~60MH Speed), Up to 6 RTX 3080 (~96MH Speed), Up to 6 RTX 3090 (~117MH Speed)

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