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Congratulations.  You’ve created your first Fully Managed Cloud Server!

You can click on your server name to view and create Websites now.


If you want WordPress to be installed and configured, check the WordPress and fill the additional fields.  We recommend PHP version 7.4 for most WordPress sites for best compatibility.

If you don’t need wordpress, skip the option.

For the SSH/SFTP Username and Password, determine whether your client will be given their own SFTP login to their site, or if you will manage it.  This will decide whether you place this account within the control of your centralized admin credentials, or establish a dedicated one for them.  They do NOT require a dedicated SFTP user in order to admin their own WordPress.  WordPress credentials are separate.

The site is created instantly.


You can upgrade the server to a larger Plan at any time.

Your cloud server is being provisioned!  It will be available for use in just a few minutes.

Clicking on the Server, followed by the Site you want to manage brings you to this screen.

Here you can set a number of features on the site:

  • Domains: When setting up the site you already selected a domain name.  Here you can add additional domain names which will point to the main site.
  • PHP: You can change the version of PHP in use, on the fly.  We recommend 7.4 for most WordPress Sites, however you can try 8.0 if your site is using the latest themes and plugins.
  • SSH/SFTP: Here you can view the user which is assigned to SFTP/SSH on the server.  Typically you will not need to use this. (Advanced users only).
  • SSL: Here you can create a FREE SSL certificate, or


SSL enabling process:

When the domain name is properly pointed to the server and working, you will be able to “Enable AutoSSL”, followed by “Redirect HTTP to HTTPS”.

In Databases, you can view the WordPress Database details.  Do not alter these details or WordPress will break.  If the client site is not using wordpress, or there is another reason to create additional mysql databases, you can create them here.

The server can be upgraded at any time under Server Actions – Upgrade.


It can also be destroyed (this will delete ALL sites and data from the server permanently).

If you delete a site and there is an SSH/SFTP user associated with it, it is not automatically removed.  You can remove it here.

That’s it.  Our Cloud Server interface couldn’t be simpler.